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Project Description
SharePoint PowerShell v2 scripts in an easy to use, easy to consume Module.

Update!: SPoshMod v2 comming soon, including a PSSnapin provider!!

Preparing PowerShell:

1. Install PowerShell v2: (link on right)
2. After install, open PowerShell and ensure that $env:PSModulePath points to "~My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules" folder and the folder exists. (if not, create the folder structure and add it to the environment variables)
3. Run command: set-executionpolicy unrestricted (this will allow you to run scripts from unsigned *.ps1 files)

Installing the module:

1. Copy SPoshMod module folder to ~My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder
2. Open PowerShell (or Integrated Scripting Environment - ISE)
3. Type: Import-Module SPoshMod
4. Done!

If you make any changes to the scripts, you will need to re-import the module using: Import-Module SPoshMod -force

NOTE This solution is community-driven project and is not affiliated with Microsoft, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server nor the PowerShell product teams. Since we are a community project, we are always looking for scripts to add to the module. If you have written a helpful script or function and think it would be useful in the module, please send them to We will give credit to you in the module.

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